Revised 27th of April 2007

List of Gene Symbols for Cockatiels

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Mutation Mode of inheritance Wild-type Mutant
whiteface* recessive bl + bl
pastelface* multiple allele from bl-locus bl + bl tq
dilute (AKA silver) recessive dil + dil
edged dilution recessive ed + ed
ino (NSL) recessive a + a
bronze fallow recessive a + a bz
pale fallow (FKA recessive silver) recessive pf + pf
edged dilution (AKA dominant silver) incomplete dominant Ed + Ed
pied recessive s + s
yellowface dominant Y + Y
cinnamon (sex-linked) recessive cin + cin
opaline (sex-linked) recessive op + op
yellow-cheek (sex-linked) recessive ych + ych
ino** (sex-linked) recessive ino + ino
pallid** (sex-linked) recessive ino + ino pd
platinum** (sex-linked) recessive ino + ino pm
** Multiple allele series

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