Revised 12th of March 2015

Revised List of Gene Symbols for Agapornis roseicollis

(eight edition)

Research & Advice Group

Mutation Mode of inheritance Wild-type Mutant
turquoise recessive bl + bl tq
aqua multiple allele from bl-locus bl + bl aq
darkfactor incomplete dominant D + D
dilute recessive dil + dil
marbled recessive mb + mb
bronze fallow recessive a + abz
pale fallow recessive pf + pf
long feathering multifactorial lo + lo
orange face recessive of + of
pale headed incomplete dominant Ph + Ph
dominant pied dominant Pi + Pi
recessive pied recessive s + s
violet incomplete dominant V + V
cinnamon (sex-linked) recessive cin + cin
opaline (sex-linked) recessive op + op
ino (sex-linked)** recessive ino + ino
pallid (sex-linked)** recessive ino + ino pd
** Multiple allele series

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