Aims and Purposes of MUTAVI

By: Inte Onsman, Research coordinator
Research & Advice Group

In 1985, when the MUTAVI group was founded, a beginning was made with a more scientific approach of writing articles about genetics, feather structure and pigmentation in Budgerigars and later on in many other bird species.
We also did research on pigmentation anomalies leading to some mutant phenotypes which were still obscure.

Worldwide contacts have been made with other fanciers by writing letters, but it turned out to be very difficult to establish those contacts and most of them faded out. We learned from these contacts that most problems are universal and wide spread. We also found out that close relationship between birdspecies provides an opportunity to collect more knowledge about mutant phenotypes in those species. Only by a coordinated and structural approach we will be able to do proper research on new and sometimes the possible reappearance of old mutations.

However, a close cooperation between MUTAVI, avicultural societies and individual fanciers is of major importance. On the other hand stimulation of research projects and establishing rare varieties is also one of our main goals. The great number of varieties in psittacine species could be of intense interest to fanciers who want to widen their knowledge.

Since the INTERNET turned our personal computers into a personal communications centre, fanciers having an Internet account are able to send and receive Email messages throughout the world without even leaving their chair. Therefore we expect a great number of fanciers all over the world to take an Internet account and discover the advantages of being on the NET.

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