Revised 12th of December 2011

Revised List of Mutant Genes of the Budgerigar

(sixth Revision)

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Mutation Mode of inheritance Wild-type Mutant
anthracite incomplete dominant Ath + Ath
(Australian) recessive grey recessive ag + ag
non sex linked ino* recessive a + a
(German) bronze fallow* recessive allele from a a + a bz
brownwing (sepia) recessive bw + bw
blackface recessive bf + bf
bluefactor 1 recessive bl + bl1
bluefactor 2 recessive bl + bl2
turquoise recessive allele from bl bl + bl tq
aqua (goldenface) recessive allele from bl bl + bl aq
clearbody dominant Cl + Cl
crest dominant Cr + Cr
darkfactor incomplete dominant D + D
darkwing incomplete dominant Dwi + Dwi
dilute1 recessive dil + dil
clearwing2 recessive allele from dil dil + dil cw
(Australian) clearwing3 recessive allele from dil dil + dil ac
greywing4 recessive allele from dil dil + dil gw
faded recessive fd + fd
(Australian) grey dominant G + G
(English) recessive grey recessive g + g
mottle polygenic mo + mo
(Australian) Pied incomplete dominant Pb + Pb
(Scottish) plum eyed fallow recessive pl + pl
(Dutch) pied incomplete dominant Pi + Pi
polydactyly polygenic po + po
(English) pale fallow recessive pf + pf
(Danish) recessive pied recessive s + s
saddleback recessive sa + sa
spangle incomplete dominant Sp + Sp
violet incomplete dominant V + V
cinnamon (sex-linked) recessive cin + cin
slate (sex-linked) recessive sl + sl
opaline (sex-linked) recessive op + op
ino (sex-linked)** recessive ino + ino
pearly (sex-linked)** recessive ino + ino py
pallid (sex-linked)** recessive ino + ino pd
* Possibly multiple allele series
1, 2, 3 and 4 are Multiple allele series
** Multiple allele series

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