Revised 12th of May 2004

Breeding Register for Testmating

Opaline x Ino or Ino x Opaline
and / or
Opaline x pallid or pallid x Opaline

In Agapornis roseicollis

By: Inte Onsman, Research coordinator
Research & Advice Group

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first testmating - Opaline x Ino or Ino x Opaline (or Opaline x Pallid or Pallid x Opaline)

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4 band # (cock): 8 band # (cock):

MUTAVI would appreciate it if participants would send this form immediately after the breeding season to:

MUTAVI Research & Advice Group
Burgemeester Haspelslaan 202
The Netherlands

All results will be published in due course and full credit will be given to all participants involved.

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